Punch Kollins

“My name is Punch Kollins and I am a business owner in southern Mississippi and I believe information is one of the keys to success. However, this is not about me, it’s about my friend Sanna Garrett-Smith. You see I met Sanna several years ago when I was serving as a Master Sergeant in the Army. I was paying over $1,000 monthly in taxes. She asked me that dreaded question, “Do you know that there are two pages of the W4 Form?” She had my attention immediately. Just like most people, I only knew of the first page and was accustomed to claiming only my exemptions. She explained how I had been giving the government an interest free loan year after year after year. Well, needless to say; on my next paycheck, my tax withholding was reduced to just over $500! Life changing!!”

Bill Smith

“Prior to meeting Sanna I was paying almost $800.00 per month in federal taxes about eight years ago. Since then I have been spreading the information I have learned from her to as many people as possible. Thanks Sanna for your guidance and assistance. US Army”


Tina Gayfield

“It has been a fantastic blessing meeting Mrs.Sanna Garrett-Smith. Since meeting her in March I have developed a mindset of a winner. She has spent a multitude of hours teaching me and guiding me into a purpose driven expert. I have always empowered so many other people in my life, that I had failed to invest that same empowerment into myself. Sanna Garrett-Smith has taken a stance in my life to say “I am investing in you, don’t just walk with me i need you to follow me run with me have faith in me…… I will guide and strengthen you so that you can open up your eyes, your heart, your mind to what you DESERVE to have.” Sanna Garrett-Smith has taught me tax laws, W4 form, how to invest, home buying, financial goal setting, understanding how compound Interest Works, and most important to me she taught me how to better myself by meditating and taking self development classes. I have worked as a contractor for the military for over 15 years and I am know a business owner and have taken charge of my life something I never knew was possible and for that their are not enough thank yous in the world to thank her.”

Bernard Snow

“Sanna Garrett-Smith is truly a phenomenal person, she is passionate about not only seeing people free from the bondage of debt, but empowering individuals with the knowledge of what it takes to truly be financially independent. Sanna showed me how to properly fill out the W4 form and that increased by monthly take home pay by $700.00. What I like about that, is that it did not cost us a thing but our time to sit down, listen, and take action. Thank You Sanna, you have been a blessing the Snow Family.”

Michael And Rhonda Howard

“Upon joining MyEcon, I have an extra 1100.00 per month increase from my paycheck. I was amazed how just learning how to fill out an W-4 would make an world of difference in my everyday life. Now on to financial freedom thru the training and tool , Sanna and her team offers. So if you tire of the same old and keep getting the same old please come and join MyEcon it will make a difference. Thank you Sanna for sharing and allowing us to share the knowledge that you bring.”

Nayomie Burns

“My name is Nayomie B and I am married to a US Army soldier. We both have full time jobs and are raising two small children. At the end of every tax year, we know we will get back money. We own a home and the tax benefits are great, plus it is our own place. When I met Sanna and she schooled me on the benefits of becoming a home based business owner, I was interested. My husband and I had already discussed starting some kind of business on our own. This was a great starting point for us. By minimizing our taxes, we were able to increase our take home pay significantly. Let’s just say combined it was another paycheck of mine. No wonder we would get back so much at the end of the year! Thank you to Myecon for giving us the jump start we needed when we needed it.”

Janita Branch

“Since joining MyEcon and making the change to our W-4 we are now getting $450 back a month to invest and put towards other things.~ William and Janita Branch”



CPT. Isah Kushma

“Meeting Sanna has been a financial blessing. She has helped me understand the language of commerce and increase my money blueprint by helping me save over $700 in taxes, start my thrift savings plans and learn how to start paying myself first. The information Sanna provides is invaluable.”



Brian Johnson

“My name is Brian Johnson, I met Sanna Garrett-Smith through a mutual friend. She took the time out to educate me on the benefits of owning a home base business, which resulted in me increasing my income from my employer by almost $500 per month. Every since then my life has not been the same, because that was a significant emotional event for me. Sanna, thank you so much for the service you provide to the Soldiers in the U.S. Army!”