Credit Restoration Workshop

Course description

The path to your personal financial goals begin with smart money management. The more you know about credit and debt, the easier it becomes to make sound financial decisions. Smart Money Kit is a financial literacy program designed to increase your financial skills in the subject of credit and debt. It’s easy to feel OVERWHELMED during the process of untangling your credit and making progress towards your #credit goals. I wont lie, it doesn’t happen overnight but repairing your credit on your own, so that you can focus on your life and financial goals, is possible.

So where do you start your credit repair journey?  Well, that’s why we have the Smart Money Course. I want to guide you (from personal experience) toward better credit and better decisions in a clear, effective way, so that you can live (and apply) with confidence, learn from past mistakes, and prevent future ones that can send you back to square one.

But even if you stumble along the way or even at the end of the journey (because life does happen), this course arms you with the ability to pick up the pieces and get back on track in the future.  Click here to get started